Weaving Connections

open level

no open workshops planned

: Bibi
Location: Location: TRAP, Rappachgasse 26, 1110 Vienna
Price: Sliding Scale: 25-35€ (for a single class) , 40€ for both

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Class description:
This class explores the interconnections between contemporary dance/ floorwork, improvisation, embodied practices, and partner work. By beginning with a grounding warm-up, we establish a shared practice connecting to the floor, enhancing body awareness and stability. As limits create freedom, this class aims to offer knowledge of contemporary dance training as a structure that calls to be broken and rearranged playfully through improvisation. We integrate movement qualities into floorwork phrases and gradually introduce dynamic partner work, fostering trust in a supportive environment. Collaboratively, we aim to create and hold a safe space where we can all explore, play, surprise ourselves and grow together.

Open Movement Jam

with guided warm up

19.01. 17.00h - 21.00h        

Location: Arashi Collective- Movement Center, Augasse 2-6, Alte WU Hörsaal 05, 1090 Wien
Price: Sliding Scale 8-16€

About the Jam:
As a collective with a practice and interest in a variety of different movement styles we aim to connect and bring together people that share a similar interest in exploring and researching their bodies and movement capabilites.
Every Jam warm up will be guided by an expercienced mover which can but does not have to influence the nature of the individual jam.

no pre-registration needed